Keith J. Wakeham


CTE - Cycle trainer engine

Trainers (all math models currently)

Gathered from around the web + some personal regression from curves given on websites


Athlete file

This is a work in progress

Workout file

My resulting workout (corrosponding to workout file) - ANT+ speed, cadence, and heartrate

Identical to SRM csv style so compatible with WKO+ and more

My resulting workout, arduino based speed and cadence, ANT+ heartrate
Old from serial Arduino


Testing page, starting up the garmin ANT+ stick (make sure to have the ANT+ agent exited)


Athlete page. There will be more here including measurements based on Greg Lemonds book, planning based on Joe Friel's book, and workouts based on several books that will automatically select for long term training based on several books including Hunter Allen and Andrew Coggan's "Training with Power"


Mainly working on basic functionality. Currently wireless is reliable, moved on to getting the trainer models input. Tires do nothing yet, cassette and crank select shows determines what gear you are in (with caveats).

Preset and athlete model are getting eliminated for workouts, though a new "randomized" interval might make an appearance based on the math model.

This is what you see. Boxes turn to arrows during a preset workout file (which has power output based on your functional threshold power, so other people can use the same workout files)




Power is based off Kurt Kinetic power calc, Demonstrated ANT+ connection of HRM enables Powermeters from Quarq, SRM, and CycleOPS

March 18, 2011

Software looks pretty much the same but ANT+ compatible with Several HRM and combined speed and cadence sensors

My bike setup, Kurt kinetic road machine, Arduino + laptop. I like it that Kurt feels comfortable enough to give the power calc for their trainer on their website.


Heart rate numbers are nearly identical, notice the gear selected and the prompting. Stored Joules of your Anaerobic capacity - This is athlete model based